Convergence of OS for IoT?

After trying Brillio and other initiatives of coming up with the Operating System for IoT devices Google finally centered its OS around it’s popular OS, Android. Android Things announced last week essentially pulls all it’s device support to the OS that can become a unifying one with all low form factor devices!.

There have been some consolidation the low foot print OS market (around RTOS vendors like WindRiver etc.) but with emergence of micro foot print devices like Rasberry Pi, Intel Edison etc. divergence started again. With Android support let’s see if we this convergence starts happening again.

Linux @25 years!

August 26, 1991 this mail was sent by Linus Trovaldas and a new OS development started, started tracking this from early 1992 and it’s been a fantastic experience thus far, I owe a lot to this group in my career!.

From a boot/root floppy disks that we had to put alternately in A: and/or B: to start the OS, fixing couple of VGA bugs in early days, providing test reports to some of the early kernels(mail challenged days!), till making it as my only OS in laptop it has given lot’s of positive memories. There were some minor discomforts that came along (lost hard disks with data and couldn’t recover and lot’s of nightouts to reinstalls) but none can beat the VirusFree, work focussed OS environment it gives. MacOS’s offer the same in some enterprises but sadly the other OpenSource flavours are still to find their place in mainstream laptop and desktop OS preference in many of them still!

It will be a good birthday gift if some large enterprises can give employees option of OpenSource Linux OS packages(Ubuntu, CentOS, Mint etc.) apart from Microsoft OS on their work desks and laptops!.