New Raspberry Pi Model A+

Modified version of Raspberry Pi is out now, it is a cut down features of Model B, with some power boost on processing etc..




IBM acquisition of RedHat

Hybrid cloud leadership with acquisition of RedHat by IBM seems to be goal, with declining popularity of JBoss/Wildfly this move doesn’t seem to be very inspiring for the open source community of JBoss/Wildfly!. Need to see how it pans out in long term!.

Netflix Titus

Netflix has open source Titus, container management platform that handles thousands of EC2 instances in AWS for movie streaming..

Based on Apache Mesos, handles half million containers deployments and 200,000 clusters per day leading to three million container launches per week!.

Powerful implementation indeed!.

Azure IoT MCU Chip

Microsoft launched a new MCU that offers device connectivity to Azure platform with builtin security to offer a secure pipe for control and data communication..


Microsoft has fully embraced Unix with a variant as Kernel and calls it Azure Sphere OS!.

Produced by MediaTek, it is a  single-core ARM-A7 running at 500MHz with Wi-Fi and other I/O connectivity options..

Amazon had a similar OS launch last year, It is OS alone with capability to run it on any chip that can be embedded into devices. Microsoft has gone one step further to test it with a particular chip also.

Who’s Next?