Open source Java further

Oracle has moved to utilize help of IBM and Eclipse Foundation to further it’s effort to open source Java. More details in this blog.

Java and Eclipse are natural together however as per James Gosling, Apache could have been better, Agree!.


Ubuntu Unity – RIP

With Ubuntu 18.04 your familiar Unity interface will be dead. I had love-hate relationship with it when it was introduced in 12.04, I have been using GNOME 1/2 from Ubuntu 8. With Microsoft Windows 8 mimic-ing Unity (right side pop-in menu) Unity seems more comfortable with my personal laptop on Ubuntu and official one on MSFT.

With 16:9 monitors Unity did provide lot of real estate for multiple screens (4 terminals) to be opened comfortably, two documents/browsers for comparisons etc. With the left side menu hidden full screen is practically for the apps. Dash is still something that’s inconsistent in it’s behaviour, will not miss it.

Was not a big fan of GNOME either but hopefully it will look similar to Unity interface that has been comfortable for many when 18.04 is released to smooth out transition to the back to the past windows manager!. It brings back the thought of trying to use the multiple workspaces/terminals that was popular in GNOME..

More on the reasons of the going back here written by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of canonical the creator of Ubuntu.

Sad to hear it go!.

Update [11Apr] : Looking at it from positive perspective here

CyanogenMod discontinued

Being long time user of OnePlus phones the news of CyanogenMod discontiunation puts a question mark over the future of OxygenOS that’s based on this!. Source is available under different open source project however this shows the sheer dominance of Android from Google as the strong leader in this space and alternates struggles(many were self inflicted also by those groups!).