IoT Challenges – Personal Drive and Motivation.

Just read the blog of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg on his attempt to build a AI server for his home named Jarvis, amazing motivation and drive to get to learn AI and most important I noticed is how he faced the challenge of IoT (trying to connect toaster and other devices).

Other thing I noticed is the language of choice : Python.

Read all about his adventure here


Windows Application crashes.

Last week I had to struggle to keep the Visio application from crashing on me as soon as I open it. This was happening with the Word and Excel too but more infrequently. A quick search on web and the fix was simple and crazy!, just switch off the default printer..

Not sure why a print library dll should be invoked till a print job is initiated!.

Macro recording and playback in vi

Had to correct around 2700+ lines of text in linux with the following changes :

  1. Search for <ctrl>M character inside the file
  2. Remove the <ctrl>M
  3. Join the next line to this line and complete the line.

Can’t do with single command and repeat with the “.” to replay the operation. Had learnt the macro recording of actions and playback sometime back in vi editor and wasn’t able to recollect the steps, refreshed it again today. Thought will blog it for others and for me to recollect when required later!.

  1. character q followed by one of a to z key to remember the recording
  2. character / followed by <ctrl>v and M
  3. character x to remove the <ctrl>M character
  4. character J to bring the next line and join to this line
  5. character q to stop recording
  6. type number 2800 and character @ followed by the key that held the recording

All replaced!. Save and come out..