IoT Challenges – Personal Drive and Motivation.

Just read the blog of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg on his attempt to build a AI server for his home named Jarvis, amazing motivation and drive to get to learn AI and most important I noticed is how he faced the challenge of IoT (trying to connect toaster and other devices).

Other thing I noticed is the language of choice : Python.

Read all about his adventure here


Convergence of OS for IoT?

After trying Brillio and other initiatives of coming up with the Operating System for IoT devices Google finally centered its OS around it’s popular OS, Android. Android Things announced last week essentially pulls all it’s device support to the OS that can become a unifying one with all low form factor devices!.

There have been some consolidation the low foot print OS market (around RTOS vendors like WindRiver etc.) but with emergence of micro foot print devices like Rasberry Pi, Intel Edison etc. divergence started again. With Android support let’s see if we this convergence starts happening again.

Cloud service shut shop.

Cisco announced that it shut it’s cloud service offerings(inter-cloud) from Mar 2017 with no visible increase in business compared to it’s competition from Amazon, Microsoft, IBM..  More here

It’s the third OpenStack based implementation offering that is pulling down, earlier two being HP and Rackspace in limited ways. All home grown offerings have good traction while OpenStack based ones are struggling to thrive, seems to be opposite of the open source culture..

What about other vendors who are still invested in cloud services offerings to their customers, what’s their motivation and interest?, companies like Salesforce, Oracle etc.