Happy Birthday Ubuntu

Oct 20, 2004 was the announcement of “Warty Warthog”, it started off with 4.10. Today it is 16.10 and 12 years of its growth!. I had been using it from 4.10 and it has matured over version 8+ and it became my primary operating system in my laptop from release 10+.

May you live for long..


Oracle cloud

Last month in Oracle World, Larry Ellison announced Oracle Cloud to compete with AWS and Azure.

Ellison showed off a new Oracle Dense Cloud IO bare metal cloud server offering that will provide developers with 36 CPU cores, 512GB of D-RAM, and 28.8TB of SSD storage. That’s a ton of compute capacity, all aimed at high-performance enterprise workloads. It’s more power than Amazon offers with one of its most powerful instance, the i2.8xlarge. It comes at a cost of $5.40 an hour, which is cheaper than what Amazon charges.

Some of the other pricing are also very competitive. Not sure how long they can sustain this and also not sure if there are some caveat’s like you need to get one Oracle database license to enable/use this!.

Check it out here

Windows Application crashes.

Last week I had to struggle to keep the Visio application from crashing on me as soon as I open it. This was happening with the Word and Excel too but more infrequently. A quick search on web and the fix was simple and crazy!, just switch off the default printer..

Not sure why a print library dll should be invoked till a print job is initiated!.