Android Test tool

It’s been quite sometime that I looked at the test tools available in Mobile space, Linkedin has open source it’s Android test tool, Test Butler. They do run 1M tests per day using this for their application in various resolution and device profiles.


What’s inside HoloLens

Virtual reality is catching up, Microsoft revealed what is the computing power inside the HoloLens(very high computing power inside that device!).

” The secretive HPU is a custom-designed TSMC-fabricated 28nm coprocessor that has 24 TensilicaDSP cores arranged in 12 clusters. It has about 65 million logic gates, 8MB of SRAM, and a layer of 1GB of low-power DDR3 RAM on top, all in a 12mm-by-12mm BGA package. We understand it can perform a trillion calculations a second. “

“The unit sits alongside a 14nm Intel Atom x86 Cherry Trail system-on-chip, which has its own 1GB of RAM and runs Windows 10 and apps that take advantage of the immersive noggin-fitted display.”

More here.

Linux @25 years!

August 26, 1991 this mail was sent by Linus Trovaldas and a new OS development started, started tracking this from early 1992 and it’s been a fantastic experience thus far, I owe a lot to this group in my career!.

From a boot/root floppy disks that we had to put alternately in A: and/or B: to start the OS, fixing couple of VGA bugs in early days, providing test reports to some of the early kernels(mail challenged days!), till making it as my only OS in laptop it has given lot’s of positive memories. There were some minor discomforts that came along (lost hard disks with data and couldn’t recover and lot’s of nightouts to reinstalls) but none can beat the VirusFree, work focussed OS environment it gives. MacOS’s offer the same in some enterprises but sadly the other OpenSource flavours are still to find their place in mainstream laptop and desktop OS preference in many of them still!

It will be a good birthday gift if some large enterprises can give employees option of OpenSource Linux OS packages(Ubuntu, CentOS, Mint etc.) apart from Microsoft OS on their work desks and laptops!.

Healthcare wearables – dependable?

Recent class action suit on Fitbit highlights the issues still lingering with these FDA approved devices to find complete acceptance in the medical fraternity as dependable diagnostic tools.

As this article highlights the issue, more trials to increase the accuracy of data captured, secure transmission and storage should make these reach the level of dependency of stethescope!.