Microsoft is Linux Foundation Platinum Member!

After joining Eclipse Foundation, Microsoft has gone full 180 to join the Linux Foundation and became a platinum member.

So officially there may not be two OS vertical silos in future, good or bad, time has to tell!.


Quick intro to Microservices

One and half minute introduction to Microservices from Developer/Deployment/IT perspective here

If you have been in IT development for long you can see similarity to the marketing materials that promoted Server-Client computing comparing with the mainframe computing!.

API management

Gartner released it’s magic quadrant on the API management solutions in market.

Gartner Magic quadrant 2016 - API Management.png

With increased focus on Microservices based application development, choice of API management component plays a critical role for the architecture of applications built with this pattern.


There is a new security hack that has been found recently that takes advantage of the Windows internal mechanism by following it’s design pattern rather than act on the vulnerabilities like other hack attacks!. More details here

Looks like it is Microsoft feature that is getting exploited that helps in keeping the OS secure, so truly it seems to a atom bomb that Microsoft may not be able to protect it’s OS for sometime!. Need to watch out for more information on this.