Avoid Vendor Lock-in for Cloud Deployments

Walmart Labs has launched OneOps that provides scripts to run workloads across different cloud platforms.

Interesting idea to democratize the use of cloud vendors in enterprises!.


Printable Sensors..

Move over Bar codes, QR codes : Printable sensors are getting traction in comparison with RFID technologies for cheap ID tags, more here.


There is a new rule in USA to register drones above certain specifications, more here

We do not have a similar registry here in India but saw that two teams were arrested by police for flying over the temple in Tiruvannamalai hills. Madras Institute of Technology (my alma mater) is responsible for some of these policy advice to the government and helped them in the recent floods in Chennai during relief missions.

There has to be some restrictions for these, but not to hamper efforts that find productive use of it. One of my friend is using it to help tea estate managers to detect onset of diseases that used to take time and effort in large expanse of sloppy terrains. With image processing and some algorithms they are able to determine the changes and create database of what’s happening!.

Android JVM

This is a significant move, shifting to OpenJDK.

Google confirms next Android version will use Oracle’s open-source OpenJDK for Java APIs

This article gives the history and background for the move.