AWS Greengrass

So far it has been devices were reaching out to IoT Hub’s and Cloud and using the compute power for Edge and/or main computing apart from data handling, with AWS Greengrass it is reverse current!. You can use IoT and Lambda infrastructure that can trigger actions on devices that are connected via this framework and circuit is complete in terms of usage of the computing power in both directions apart from the existing bi-directional data transmission

Check this link for more.


Google IoT

Launched recently finally. It is catching up with AWS, Azure and IBM Bluemix and much later than PTC etc. But it has data for analytics that can propel it faster to realistic use cases deployment!.

CyanogenMod discontinued

Being long time user of OnePlus phones the news of CyanogenMod discontiunation puts a question mark over the future of OxygenOS that’s based on this!. Source is available under different open source project however this shows the sheer dominance of Android from Google as the strong leader in this space and alternates struggles(many were self inflicted also by those groups!).

Intel 7th Generation chips – Kaby Lake

Kaby Lake is the 7th generation (i7) chips that is based on 14nm silicon with increased power efficiency, increased speed support for 4K video, gaming on the move, USB-C with support for Thunderbolt 3, pen-based input support, suitable for it’s traditional server/desktop line, mobile and in fast growing VR headsets markets.

Very detailed article here. Already in mass production, should hit markets in USA for the holiday season releases.


There is a new rule in USA to register drones above certain specifications, more here

We do not have a similar registry here in India but saw that two teams were arrested by police for flying over the temple in Tiruvannamalai hills. Madras Institute of Technology (my alma mater) is responsible for some of these policy advice to the government and helped them in the recent floods in Chennai during relief missions.

There has to be some restrictions for these, but not to hamper efforts that find productive use of it. One of my friend is using it to help tea estate managers to detect onset of diseases that used to take time and effort in large expanse of sloppy terrains. With image processing and some algorithms they are able to determine the changes and create database of what’s happening!.