Mainline Kernel

To quench the hunger of people waiting in between stable releases for testing their hardware features and software improvements, Linus Torvalds himself has implemented the concept of Mainline Kernel that will be in between prepatch(RC-Release candidates) and the stable releases that can be considered short term stable releases for testing.

This will last for 2-3 months before it moves to stable one, for now 4.10 is considered to be in that mode!. More about this in the Kernel releases page.


Python Fire

Adding CLI capabilities to Python is ‘Fire’ from Google team. Check out more here.

Useful to directly getting the data from command line to variables and make the code more readable also apart from reasons mentioned in blog.

Deep learning and AI

In the keynote address at HIMSS17 last week, IBM CEO mentioned three goals that should drive efforts on Deep learning and AI solution development:

1 Augment people and not replace

2 How and who trained the data, what was Business value that drove that.

3 New Collar jobs, data driven workforce.

Sounds common for other areas too!