Windows Nano Server

With lot’s of tools made to work with Linux and it’s variants, it’s time to make Windows like Linux Kernel with non GUI core, light and can run quickly on VMs.

Nano has no local login, is 64-bit all the way (applications, tools, and agents), and is fast to set up, update, and restart (for the rare times it needs to restart). It’s perfect for compute hosts in or out of a cluster, a storage host, a DNS server, an IIS web server, and any server-hosting applications running in a container or virtual-machine guest operating system.

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LinkedIn infrastructure.

Here is an interesting article that describes private cloud architecture within LinkedIn. All the required tooling along with infrastructure has been done by them internally. Summary of what they wanted to achieve in 2009 :

LinkedIn aspires to create systems that are elegant and refined to the point of being invisible

Lot’s of open source solutions melded to achieve this orchestra of tools that provides this invisible infrastructure(that’s the cloud!).

Will they move to Azure with Microsoft acquisition is something we have to see!.