History of Voice Recognition technology..

Read about the history of the voice recognition technology. Here is the summary infographic..HistoryofVoiceTechnology


AWS Greengrass

So far it has been devices were reaching out to IoT Hub’s and Cloud and using the compute power for Edge and/or main computing apart from data handling, with AWS Greengrass it is reverse current!. You can use IoT and Lambda infrastructure that can trigger actions on devices that are connected via this framework and circuit is complete in terms of usage of the computing power in both directions apart from the existing bi-directional data transmission

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Blockchain and BitCoin are always discussed together, but this article gives a different take on use of blockchains.


I think Blockchain can be effectively put to use like DNS(that doles out name to IP mapping) as the lookup for who is authoritative resource for the security and rights of a Digital Document and others can offer the same document cached from their repository!.

As mentioned in article this becomes very critical in distributed, semi-connected environments like Industrial IoT and healthcare where centralized data management increases the risk of attack can be highly dangerous!.