Open source Java further

Oracle has moved to utilize help of IBM and Eclipse Foundation to further it’s effort to open source Java. More details in this blog.

Java and Eclipse are natural together however as per James Gosling, Apache could have been better, Agree!.


Hpc on Azure

Microsoft acquires Cycle computing to get a High performance computing tool shutting off competition ability to run massive jobs online, very key to get future workloads on cloud.. More here.

AWS Greengrass

So far it has been devices were reaching out to IoT Hub’s and Cloud and using the compute power for Edge and/or main computing apart from data handling, with AWS Greengrass it is reverse current!. You can use IoT and Lambda infrastructure that can trigger actions on devices that are connected via this framework and circuit is complete in terms of usage of the computing power in both directions apart from the existing bi-directional data transmission

Check this link for more.