Challenges for the product!

Product that we are developing is a Clinical EMR with support for flexible migration from paper based process to all digital process in Indian hospitals/clinic’s. This solution as of today is deployed in over 30 mid-size to small hospitals. Typical challenges in these hospital segments in decreasing order :

  • Availability of required hardware [Need to work on Pentium III etc. with 256MB memory!]
  • Availability of reliable hardware/software(Virus and need to share with other performance de-grading applications)
  • Availability of uninterrupted power

These are not very typical challenges for products that are considered the bread/butter IT solutions(like billing, hospital mangement for inpatient management) but since currently EMR is seen as ‘also to have’  component of IT infrastructure and hence these challenges.

Many of the providers are feeling the need for having a good EMR and hence we are trying to convince on giving us a slightly better hardware and stable systems to mitigate these issues, but we cannot still design the product for the next generation systems, we still need to address these challenges in software effectively.

So what are the choices available?


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